WU per USER - Necessary Measure

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WU Per USER is a necessary measure.
So that we can see if there is an user overloading and look for solutions.

That’s a necessary measure IMHO. Tks !


Awesome, please add this to the idea board and share the link so I could upvote the idea. Bubble I believe looks more at the idea board for community inspiration.


Great ! Where do I find Idea Board?

There you are : Idea Board Submitted !

What is the link to the idea so we can upvote it?

WU per User - Idea Board Link

Is the idea board gone? When I follow that link it just goes to Bubble’s home page.

It’s not gone, but getting the links to the actual ideas is not as easy as it should be because I think the copy link feature is borked.

Here is the ideaboard itself, and here is the idea from this thread.


Thanks @mikeloc for sharing the link…just upvoted

Maybe Bubble should think about a way to automatically post ideas from the idea board to the forum Idea section with links to the idea for other users to upvote…definitely a tedious process to post the idea to the idea board then needing to repost in the forum with link to help get more eyes onto it.


tks @mikeloc !

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Voted! :+1:


Really important feature so we can charge our clients correctly and dont lose money when one client uses too much WUs…

Another important feature should be allow return in the workflow the among of WU It was consumed, including the searchs and elements like repeating groups. I have 1 repeating group consuming 26% of process in the log menu, but i dont kwon how to improve its search. I made some changes, but i’m afraid that theese changes just got worst the problem and thers no how measure It before publish in production.

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Just to bring this matter to other users ! Tks

Add the link that @mikeloc shared in your initial post for community members not to search it through the thread

P.s. upvoted :slight_smile:

Voted! It’s a great idea, it would help us a lot.