WU unit question around :minus list

Since this has become an important issue, if I do a search for a thing then :minus list search for other things will both searches be fully downloaded like when a :filter is used?

Does this affect frontend or WU units?


The easiest way to find out if it does - test it using chrome dev tools :slight_smile:

I’ve just performed a quick test in my sandbox: Do a search for Things (no constraints):minus list Do a search for Things (constraint on a boolean field)
As a result:

  1. search request is performed and all things from second list (on the right after :minus list expression) are fetched from DB.
  2. msearch request is performed and “enough-to-display in the RG + some extra” items are fetched from DB (not all).

Can you tell me what you’re looking at in the dev tools and perhaps help me understand how to read it?

You can start with pretty short but very helpful Chrome Devtools info from Airdev.
Basically, you need to analyse Network tab and XHR/fetching subtab for search, msearch and maggregate requests where you’ll be able to see what items are returned by the DB while you are loading a page and performing some further searches.

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