www.Bubble.Tips: Open Blog built for Bubble Developers using Bubble

Hello Bubblers,

We thought it would be fun to develop an open blog dedicated for Bubble Developers using the Bubble platform itself. So we developed Bubble.Tips!

While we would love to make it as solid as Blogger or Stackoverflow, our first release is small and humble. We are proud to develop it all using bubble and we will put good efforts to further improve it over time.

This is a communal site so that all Bubble developer’s knowledge and tips can be showcased as posts if they choose to share. Bubble’s reference material and forums are already great but we thought an open blog built using bubble platform would be exciting!

Many of you have written a lot of tips in the forums as tips or answers to questions. You may also have insights and advice which is not shared publicly anywhere. You could place such info on bubble.tips so that over time we can see how it grows and scales up to user activity.

Here are some of the features of Bubble.Tips :

  • Login and Signup ability with Username. Username is displayed on articles and comments written by the User.
  • Secure system. Only Users who created the post can edit their own posts.
  • Posts sorted by Categories (4 at the moment: Plugins & APIs, Front-End. Back-End. Miscellaneous) for easy reading.
  • Search facility which finds articles basing on keywords.
  • Ability to like and comment on others posts (Only for signed-in users)
  • Easy to share articles on Social media as quick access icons created for Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Here are some knowledge articles we drafted and working to improve them further.

  1. List of Bubble plugins and their uses: A brief explanation to 196 Bubble plugins and the URL to go for more information. This will be an ongoing exercise so that its a one stop page to browse plugin information.
  2. Bubble Plugin with an Example: Introduction to Bubble Plugins and configuring the Facebook plugin with screenshots for new users.
  3. Bubble’s Drag and Drop feature: Bubble’s cool drag and drop feature explained with screen shots.
  4. API Connector in Bubble with Example: Bubble’s reference document shows how to create an API connector but we provided a lot of technical details which will be of further help for new Bubble API developers.

If you have ideas on how we can further make it useful for the bubble community or any constructive feedback, please contact me. Give it a run by posting some of your knowledge as posts :slight_smile:

(Email me at Prashanth@AppKangaroo.com.au)


PS : There is a preview section on the home page below the categories. Its somehow loading slowly at the moment. Give it a few seconds so that the whole page loads. :slight_smile:

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This is an idea and a nice design, keep it up!

Pretty cool!