Xano + Ably + Bubble


Did any of you try to implement solution in which backend is handled by Xano, frontend by Bubble and realtime connection between those two are handled by Ably. Is this even possible? I think that when we have webhooks, etc. it should be doable, but I am just curious. How do you approach those realtime integrations with different backends with Bubble itself.

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It seems possible, you would call the Ably APIs from Xano. Have you made any progress on this since posting? Would love to hear more about your experience!

On Xano it’s easy as there is an integration. Real time refresh are problem on bubble side when we would like to use other backend solutions.

I saw that zeroqode build something for Google Firebase, but I am curious how much of dev for plugin we need or maybe we need to impelement in some way pub/sub to work with repeating groups. Still wondering as I don’t have much time to dig in to it, also cannot find anything in web.

Interested also in some advices for that integration also. @kamil.tarczynski what is your usecase ? My idea is to use Ably to manage chat conversations. Just starting my research about it.

Hi guys! Any new on this one? :slight_smile: Would really be appreciated!