Xano API not working in live version of bubble app

Hey xano peeps.

I have something strange happening that I can’t seem to pin point the problem.

I have backend workflow in bubble that run with a few different xano api’s and it works perfectly in version test but in the live version of my bubble platform, it does not work.

Other ones work but just not this one.

We’ll need some extra information to help you.
What does the API do? What do you mean it does not work… Does it start? Does it run? Does it terminate? Does it throw an error?

But some common mistakes come to mind:
Has ‘/version-test’ been remove from the API URL if this applies? Live+Test use different databases, does the live database have the entries you need?

Hey mate, I don’t think I am using the bubble URL at all.

This is the scheduled API workflow that starts the workflow


In bubble there is no error showing up

In xano of both on the API calls there is no history of it showing up


Tried it again this morning and there should be one at 7:01 but nothing

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