Xano + Bubble - Chat or feed - Update Reapeting group

Hi there!

I wonder if anyone managed to build something dynamic (updated in real-time for all the current users) with Xano ?

My use case: I am building a community app so I need a feed and a chat.

My issue: as soon as datas are in Bubble, the RP update when a new entry is made. That’s perfect, but database requests start to be a nightmare for me (likes, comments, user who post etc…) so a great use case for Xano.

Problem: The Repeating group doesn’t update dynamically with a source from an API call

Workaround: I figured out to make RP update (on each opened clients) when an update is made to the list. I used this trick http://forum.bubble.io/t/finally-my-api-data-refreshes-without-page-reload-how-i-got-it-to-work/41129/2
So I create/update a field in my bubble database when a user creates a new (post for example). And then I had a parameter in the API call made by my RP.

Question: I am afraid it could be a pain in terms of performance. Do you have a better idea? Do you know anyone who manages to display something dynamic on bubble with xano ?

Thanks !!

Xano offers an Ably integration… I haven’t started to play with it but people who did seem to like the way Ably works a lot, provides instant transactions between apps and your db. (The free tier is pretty generous too)

Yeah sure, would like to embed ably directly on the bubble side and use the xano integration to save each message/post (their “integration” seems to work this way).

If anyone have already integrated Ably on bubble, I am very interested to know how :slight_smile:
The ably doc is clear and lot of SDK available, but I have to learn JS before ^^ An integration or plugin could help a lot of projects !

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