Xano.com opinions for external database and operations

Hello team,

I was just wondering what´s your opinion on https://www.xano.com/ since it looks promising.

The main goal in my case will be:

  • to improve the “do a search for functionality” since Bubble is pretty slow with loads of records.
  • Make recursive like duplication jobs, etc. so much faster and without compromising the Bubble server capacity.

Let me know what you think.

Thank you so much and have a good day.

hi @ryanck in case you haven’t got a chance to check out Xano yet. It can definitely help with all the above!

Xano’s search and fuzzy search feature is quite excellent and performant. You can check out a video here of how it can help with Bubble specifically:

Xano shines when it comes to do recursive jobs. We also have background tasks so you can have your largest, most complex jobs run on recurring schedules and do bulk actions where needed.

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