Xano Connecter XanoQuery Issue


Trying to wrap my head around the labyrinth that is Xano.

I am trying to populate a repeating group. Everything works perfectly within Xano with the run&debug returning the correct data, and to a point works within the frontend, however I realised I needed to use an “add-on” in my API output within Xano to return additional data related to the original query. When I amend “manually enter API response” and then refresh the page, I get no data and an error in the debugger.
This is how the API response is set up:

“id”: 29,
“created_at”: 1695994215545,
“Owner”: 12,
“added_user”: 13,
“source_matched”: 8,
“user_data”: {
“id”: 12,
“created_at”: 1695992231173,
“name”: “john doe”,
“email”: “[email protected]”,
“profile_pic”: “//9207641fb2ea7c7b2c8e3630d1f90a5a.cdn.bubble.io/f1695992199551x865274047572230000/th-1328329535.jpg”,
“chat_type”: “”,
“qr_code”: “pEfhsbA1jSP3vNIj7W0cchPzpp22Sk”,
“qr_code_image”: “https://chart.googleapis.com/chart?chs=500x500&cht=qr&chco=aa66cc&chl=pEfhsbA1jSP3vNIj7W0cchPzpp22Sk&chld=H|0”,
“Role”: “”,
“Time_Available”: 0
“matched”: [
“id”: 8,
“created_at”: 1695994215598,
“Accepted”: false,
“chat_type”: null,
“Invitee”: 0,
“Inviter”: 0,
“UserA”: 12,
“UserB”: 13,
“UserA_role”: null,
“UserB_role”: null,
“UserA_visible”: false,
“UserB_visible”: false,
“UserA_online”: false,
“UserB_online”: false

The issue appears once I add in the “matched” portion - which it seems returns an array, and assume is the source of the problem but don’t know why, or how to approach resolving.

Error message I get is:

Thanks in advance.

Nevermind, error was mine, hadn’t set Id data type of the “matched” to number instead of text.