Xano Connector - Action to send list of items

Xano connector has made my work possible as some of the calculations I wanted to do were really not easily done in Bubble, so thank you @eli for the awesome plugin! To my issue - my my head hurts after trying to figure this out so I figured I’d ask… How can I send multiple items through the Xano Action in order to do a bulk create of items.

My use case:
I want to let the user upload a CSV file, display it to them for review add any fixes, and then send the list to Xano to create all the items.

What I have done:
Used the CSV Uploader to upload temporary data to Bubble DB
Allowed the user to delete/edit records
I cannot figure out how to take the contents of the repeating group or a search query and send it to Xano.

@eli :slightly_smiling_face: