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Xml api response -> database

I want to integrate an external XML API, which contains multiple clients in the response.
the idea was to create a “thing” per client. But currently only one thing will be created and this thing includes the data for all clients (comma separated)…

this is the response from the api:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<result created="2021-08-09T16:31:31+02:00" host="xxxx status="OK">

and this is how its currently added to the database… :frowning:

While getting the resultant of your api will have list of client.

So you can schedule the workflow with list of passing the result from api response.

Workflow add action for create client thing in your database.

sorry - but how?


I have some sample.

If you using api connector to get api response as XML then, when initalize the api you will get the response for setting the datatype like below,

this was done.

when you calling this api via external api in workflow step you can access response items and passed another workflow as list / single thing.

mhmm I’ve only the option to put this as a single thing…


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