XML interpretation error in Firefox


I have noticed that every application built with Bubble always show, exclusively in the console of Firefox, an XML interpretation error - syntax error (I don’t know the actual error name in english because my Firefox version is in my local language that is italian).
Is it a known issue? Should I have any concern about that or can I safely ignore it?
Thank you!

It is a very annoying issue and has always been there.
I think it’s because the response body is json but the Content-Type header is missing. Probably Firefox defaults to application/xml and logs an error for the mismatch.
Anyway it’s Firefox complaining, not an error of the code that uses the data. It’s annoying but it’s not something to worry about.

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Hi @dorilama /Mariano,

thank you very much for your explanation. I supposed it could be something not critical as I have seen it in all the application I have worked on with Bubble, but I was not sure as I haven’t found any other topic on this in the Bubble forum.
Thank you again.

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