YATOP - Yet Another Tab Order Post

I have just searched the articles on the Forum re. the tab order issue and I’m unsatisfied with the response on this one.

Yes, I understand there are workarounds and that tab order should work if you get your groupings right, but there is something in the way tab order is managed by the editor that needs to be addressed, and ultimately allow developers to manage manually. When it comes down to a matter of being able to adequately deliver a professional UX to a client tab order is critical.

In my current app I have worked on my tab groups, and on cutting/pasting/recreating fields, and on the javascript workarounds listed in the Forum, however I am still getting poor results. Specifically, on a multiline input.

Please see the “Candidate Details” page on the app link below:

On this page, the “Status Reason” is the one and only multi-line field present on the page and for some reason, after tabbing out of my LHS tab group (Group TabA), it is the only field in my RHS tab group (Group TabB) to receive focus and after tabbing out of it it, focus leaves the tab group altogether.

On inspection of the HTML it seems the most fields are being assigned a null tabindex value (see the screen shot below for the Surname field:

Compare this to the multi-line input field which, unlike any other field on my page, is being assigned a tabindex of 30:

I’d be keen to hear about why this is happening and why exposing tabindex for manual manipulation is not being considered?


Yes, it has been nearly 3 years since this was first requested by @AliFarahat

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