Year comparison

Hi there!

I struggle with an issue here…

I need to compare the difference in electricity consumption between two years in percentage for my SaaS. I need the calculation to be done within the same period. By that I mean I need it to be calculated according to month we are in. For example, if we are in January, you need to compare January 2023 and January 2024. If we are in February, you need to calculate the sum of January and February 2023 against the sum of January and February 2024 and so on…

Right now If I compare it to the previous year, bubble sums automatically the whole previous year from January to December.

How can I do this?


Don’t blame bubble :sweat_smile: It only does what you’re telling it to do.

Can you share your setup? How are you saving your data?

I have a feeling that the :group by operator can help, but you should be able to achieve even by simply using well-constrained searches

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