Yes/no conditions not working on app with personal plan

Any ideas why this is happening? It’s very frustating

I think I know what you mean because it is frustrating for me to!

Can you share a screenshot of your workflow? I would like to try to help but I just need more information.

Are you trying to do this in one workflow? Where is the issue happening? In the conditionals of an element?

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When I was making my admin page for my app, I added a yes/no field named ‘isadmin’ so that anyone who had the admin accessibility, would be able to load the page. I used it for login as well but it seems as if the user can only open the page once and log in once and forever never be able to do so again in future. I need this fixed.

J805 asked you some important questions you didn’t answer. If you let us see your workflow, or describe in greater detail we can offer more help.

I’m using this exact feature and it works great for me, so there must be small error somewhere.

Also for privacy roles, it’s best to set those up under the privacy tab in Data, and not in page workflows. Hope that helps.


Thanks for offering to help! I was able to figure out the problem. The privacy settings were not setup correctly in my app so a user could not view their own information.

This led to a problem where the fields on a user were not being recognized in the workflows and everything was appearing empty because the privacy settings made that information invisible.

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Good point Greg. The privacy settings was precisely where my problem was occuring.

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