Yes/No Dropdown Best Practices

I’m using a “yes/no” Static drop-down on one of my pages.

Even when I select “yes” it still defaults to no when I display it on another page within a field.

Am I missing something that I should be doing regarding static dropdown options?

link to app/editor?

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Here is the link:

To be more descriptive…

The yes/no dropdown option is on the “Group Add a Shoe” page at the bottom.

I’m using this as a trigger to show available shoes in my repeating group on the “Group Shoes” page.

When “For Sale?” = yes then it will show in the repeating group.

When I add a shoe and select yes in the dropdown, for some reason the shoe isn’t showing.

When you go to the “Inventory Page” group you will see in the repeating group that even though I selected yes it still displays no.

i think your app is set to private :slight_smile: We cannot access it only if you change it to public

Sorry about that, just updated the setting to public everyone can view.

Ideally, what I’m trying to do is have a seller upload a shoe they would like to sell.

When the select “yes” the shoe is for sale, it will appear on the Group Shoe page in the repeating group feed list.

When it is changed to do, then the reverse of that. Meaning the show will not show up on the list.


Use a checkbox instead of dropdown. Also if you want a fast solution you can use auto-binding.
Please check this example:

Usually for yes/no i use either checkboxes or radio buttons but not dropdown :slight_smile:

Perfect! Thanks really appreciate the tips

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… and everyone can edit!

For private apps look in “Application Settings” for a better privacy setting.

this thread is really old but incase someone else needs this.

you can also use a toggle similar to what is often used on states.

you check if the Yes/No text in the static drop down ‘doesn’t contain’ “No”

so if it doesn’t contain No (and therefore selected value is Yes) this resolves to “yes” and vise versa.

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