ymForLooper - yes, For loop is (almost) here

Hello All,

For some reason - there are no For… loops in Bubble and I don’t know if they will ever be introduced. So community is looking for alternatives. ymForLooper plugin quite simplifies things - with 2 events, 2 actions and visual (but not visible) element exposing 2 states - can do into For…Loop without tricks (though still basing on workflows).


I’m not yet sure, if thing like that could be accepted into Marketplace and how it will (over)load Bubble.

Small sample: https://yamedia.bubbleapps.io/ymforlooper together with the another plugin :wink: Yes, that’s the one…long awaited by some people as well.

Let me know if you have any specific needs regarding For loop in Bubble, and I see what can be done here. Also - use cases, because creating X times same element is fun only for some time.

Release date: soon


I would love more info on the release date for this!