You can animate individual RG cells!

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time now, I’ve read a number of posts about people trying it and it was only till I just spotted a completely random comment on another post that stated:

“Try including the Current Cells Index in the ID Attribute. This will make it dynamic and specific to each unique cell in an RG”

That gave me this idea… so if it helps anyone trying to slide individual cells inside repeating groups then with a little JQuery, it can be done like this.


Thanks for sharing @pork1977gm!

No problems!

Nice example. For another test, I’d like to see if you can combine this with a custom state so you can consolidate the buttons with a condition. (Ex. for a reveal effect).

(Ie. when first click is made, change a boolean to is_left_aligned = yes and re-position left. Then, when clicked again and is_left_aligned = yes, re-position right).

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I’ll have a play.

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Is that what you mean? I changed it now Dan

That’s exactly it. Nicely done.

There’s another example with a slide if that’s useful to you… I suppose you could add a swipe detect on top of that and take appropriate action depending if sliding left or right. Handy for mobile views.


Hi, I’ve trying to do something very similar but it looks like this link now leads to an empty group. Any chance you still have the example live somewhere?