You cannot even create the simplest of apps now on Bubble

Can someone tell me how you would now make any app that lets users write to the database (so 99.9% of them) without the ability for a user to just spam your database? With the new pricing, you essentially have to add a limit on every instance in your app where a user can write to the DB. This makes the following apps unviable for Bubble:

  1. Any social media platform (messaging, feed posting, etc.)
  2. Any task management platform or business SaaS tool (task/item creation)
  3. Any marketplace (messaging, listings, bookings)
  4. Every app

Even if you added a limit for users on all of these things (terrible user experience), they could just create a new account and keep creating things. Anyone who knows you built your app on Bubble and wanted to cause you trouble could just spam create a bunch of things until you are paying ridiculous amounts of money. Am I missing something? If so, please explain.


With bubble’s db limit you cant even build a single chat app. Let alone a no code twitter clone that could instantly fill up your personal limit in a day if you have like 50 customers.

I can’t think of an App I would want to build in Bubble now with this pricing change. What would become Bubble’s ‘sweet spot’ for app types in this pricing model?

É um descaso com quem estava aprendendo a desenvolver em bubble, deveriam sim continuar com os mesmos planos, a plataforma teve seu investimento, qual motivo de aumento dos planos, com certeza temos muitos desses pagos e bem pagos, acredito que muito irão para outras plataformas mais confiáveis