You can't monetize from selling SaaS - can you?

I’ve been building on Bubble for almost a week now with the intent of starting my own saas startup. I’ve been wondering how the price of Bubble each month would affect one’s ability to generate revenue on a monthly basis.

Currently, you can pay $150 for 2 production environments, which would mean that clients would have to pay at least $75 each to break even. The only problem is you can only have two instances, thus, you’d have to find someone to pay more than the break even price which would mean the app would need to nearly enterprise level because many apps online only charge less an $20 a seat.

On the highest tier plan you can have 20 instances. You’d have to charge a minimum of at least $50 to make a profit and have at least 20 companies ready or else you’ll be paying the monthly fee and be in the arrears.

Am I missing something here?

Charge a minimum of $25 for the highest plan to break even correction

Not sure what kind of SaaS you are building, but multi tenant might be an option for you.


Perhaps you are misunderstanding what ‘instances’ mean?

You can have multiple users sign up to your app if you build it to allow for that, you don’t need to have different dev versions. It’s not 1 user per dev version.

You create conditions and constraints around what data to display based on details about the current user…with 1 app version.

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The two production environments you’re referring to are for development, not for live users. You can have any number of live users and the price only increases based on server resource usage.