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Hello I want to make this clear people are selling products that arent theres we need to stop this please help by making CAD companies with free CADs, this way people will leave all the companies that sell cads, please help the community out by making cads free, roleplay owners have nowhere to start but we can change that

Hello. For one, have you proven that these guys have not gotten reseller from the companies that ‘own’ the products. Have you gotten screenshots of this, if not stop claiming they are stolen cause you have no proof. Evergreen Solutions has reseller for all of our products and we can get proof for it. So just stop go live your life 5 year old…

by stolen I mean not their CAD

The CAD/MDT area has got out of control, and tbh there’s nothing you can do about it.

Alot of companies that’s been owned by 14 years olds have at least one stolen cad or element, sadly there is nothing you, I or anyone can do about it.

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There is something we can do, theres a new thing where people are opening up servers with Free CADs

Unfortunately, the best thing we can do is continue to innovate and create better systems than the copied Codurly CADs can offer. There will always be those looking for a dishonest buck or two, and the best we can do is spread the word about ‘companies’ who have such products.

Free stolen cads, it’s no different. You’re saying “Hey, make me a cad for free because I dont wanna waste my money on your hard work”. That’s not gonna happen, trust me, we as the cad/mdt community try to stop these guys from selling stolen cads but we cant do anything beside call em’ out and leave.