(z-axis) bring to front/send to back as workflow action or conditional property on element

Hey there,

This post is mostly pertinent to functionality in using the Draggable Elements Plugin BUT I could see this being implemented in other situations with elements that heavily rely on using the z-axis (like popups and/or Floating Groups).

In my personal opinion, and if developmentally viable for Bubble’s team, I believe it would be useful to enable developers to allow for the end-user to be able to have a dynamic experience with an elements z-axis.

I am using the draggable Groups Plugin and am in essence “losing” Visibility of some draggable groups under other draggable groups when I use more than one and move them over one antoher. At a minimum I would prefer the Draggable Group to “Bring to Front” when Pressed.

Also, in an ideal world, I would like to have a Conditional that “When Element Clicked/Pressed” - “Bring to Front/Send to Back”.

If anyone has a possible workaround or possibly an alternate plugin for Draggable Groups I would appreciate it!

I’ve submitted this to the IdeaBoard,