Zendesk Upload API Call

Hi all,

I am able to get an image to Zendesk, but when I access the file, it says “file not supported”. I have read every possible post on this including Zendesk’s forum on this topic. It works with raw coding.

Does anyone have a solution to send files to Zendesk?

curl "https://{subdomain}.zendesk.com/api/v2/uploads?filename=myfile.dat&token={optional_token}" \
  -data-binary @file.dat \
  -v -u {email_address}:{password} \
  -H "Content-Type: application/binary" \

This is my call.

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@Bry What error are you getting when you intialised this call?

@tanejachirag19, I dont get an error… The file when downloaded from the header response is corrupted/not-readable. The file size is constant.

You don’t need to capture the response headers… also the response is a JSON.

Are you retrieving the ‘content_url’?

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I will try it now and screenshot what I get in return

That’s odd.

Is the file sensitive? If not, could you send to take a look? And, does the file open as normal when viewing just from your File Explorer on your PC?

One thing I notice different in our API calls, is the file naming convention. Try running without adding the file extension at the end of your file name.

Without the extension in URL parameter, the file doesnt open… I am at a loss here.

Is the file sensitive? Can you post the content url here to test?

Edit: I tried another file, with a new name, and am now getting the same thing. Will post back if I figure it out.

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Just comparing our setup. Do you have any privacy rules setup?

Also, go to the ‘Data’ tab in Bubble > File Manager > click ‘view’ and see if the image shows in the browser. If there’s an access denied, it’s privacy rules.

Typically, Bubble has the format of using a / right after the ‘uf’ in the url of the file. The pic you have above has an underscore.

For privacy, I have “current user is logged in” and checkboxes on: all 3 except, auto binding.

I can see the files (both private and public). When I click view, I can see the file load up just fine.

So strange.

PDFs, Word, Excel do go through.

Images (PNG, SVG, JPG, etc) dont.

But they go through with a caveat:

@emmanuel EmmanuelStraschnov anyone that can help?

@marca would be great to get your take on this - i have seen some of your posts regarding the send file option via the API.

Spoke with the incredible support team here at Bubble. The API connector doesnt support binary data at the moment. Fix is coming!

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Is this fixed now?