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Zenlogin Integration (Separating the safe from the suspicious)

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:closed_lock_with_key: We’re thrilled to unveil our latest innovation, the Zenlogin Integration plugin. In collaboration with the top-notch team at Zenlogin, we’ve devised an extraordinary strategy to fortify your users’ login security.

Imagine Zenlogin as your tireless guardian :policewoman:, examining every login request with unmatched precision. Its sophisticated algorithm evaluates a myriad of indicators to spot any suspicious activity. Should it sense something unusual, Zenlogin will automatically fire off an email to the user, alerting them with crucial information about the login event.

Are you set to elevate your security standards? Sprint to the plugin store and make Zenlogin your next choice. Come join us on this exciting voyage towards a safer and impenetrable digital world :globe_with_meridians:.

separating the safe from the suspicious