🔥 Zero Code Series 2.2 : How to make a revolution in e-learning with no-code development solutions

Our Zero Code Series 2.2 guest is Chris Mansfield, Co-founder & CEO at GoodCourse, the mobile-first micro-learning platform built for the 2.7bn employees who don’t work at a computer… :partying_face: No-code development vs. Traditional coding? The answer for Chris is obvious. Join our FREE event to know more about:

  • When is the right moment to start delegating to a no-code development agency?
  • Why to do the apps with the agency, not in-house or independent no-code developers?
  • How to choose the right one, prepare yourself, and how to evaluate the work?
  • Just inspire yourself and collect insights and tips to start a project

Are you a developer? Join to get more insights about how to get more clients.

Thursday, February 24
9 AM Los Angeles | 12 PM New York | 5 PM London | 6 PM Amsterdam | 10:30 PM Mumbai

This event is FREE, but with limited spots. Sign up ASAP on lu.ma: Zero Code Series 2.2 · Zoom · Luma

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