ZeroCode >50mb plugin question

Loving the plugin so far. Only trouble I’m having is that I can’t seem to get a % upload return or ‘file loading’ to work. Basically I want a user to click ‘create a new project’ then for them to give a title, description and upload some files. The files will be big so I’d like to hide the ‘upload’ button once they’ve added some files and then show a % progress bar. This way I’m hoping that if it’s in a popup then it can be listed in their projects list and will be ‘uploading’.

My other concern is that if the files are still uploading, will they still be assigned to the project if they move away from it? Or should I lock them down to an ‘uploading’ page??

Sorry if I’m being a bit illogical!!

Also, when I create a popup with upload care, where a new record is created, how can I have that uploadcare instance only be related to that particular record? Every time I create a new record it seems to initiate the same uploadcare instance

Hey @paul4

I’ve noticed (on testing) that those 2 options will work for a video files but not for images.
@levon sorry!

I managed to implement the progress bar plugin (free one in plugins section of Bubble) to work with my site when a video was being uploaded and it works great because that % upload return value is incrementing as it should, but trying the same thing when images are uploaded it doesn’t seem to change the % number, well it does but it goes from 0 straight to 100 and then never resets so I think that would be a minor bug with it right now.

I’ll retest it later just to be double sure, but try it with a video file and see if you notice the same thing as I do.


Good spot, thanks so much for looking into it. I can get the progress bar working with a single file upload, as video. It doesn’t work for multiple files. Does anyone know if there’s a workaround at all or is this something that can be fixed? would make it a lot better.

Also once the upload is complete, is there a way of ‘resetting’ the uploadcare process, so it can be started again for another ‘project’? I feel like I’m so close to a usable solution but I just can’t seem to get the user flow working. I just want to be able to upload a bunch of files to be associated with a particular entry in the database.

@levon is this anything you can help with?

It resets the percentage on a single video file so it seems and I would think it needs to do the same for images too and multiple files no matter what they are. I don’t think there is a way of manually resetting, I had tried.

I did put a work around into my app for image uploads, not brilliant but it was enough for me…

When I uploaded a video, I used a progress bar.
When I uploaded images I had them appear inside a Repeating Group, so I had a text element initially hidden on page load but when : RepeatingGroup List of Image’s:count is not Uploadcare A’s Files URL List:count then it appeared saying “Images uploading”

I think we’ll need Levon’s help with the rest.

Ultimately, if the % upload return or ‘file loading’ options work consistently no matter what you upload then I think we’ll be good.

I wonder if the reason is to do with the code not calculating the file sizes correctly on a list of files?
That’s what I feel might be happening.

Oh, I missed that the files url would be a list. I think I need to do some more fiddling to remember how to do the basics, how to assign a list of files from uploadcare to a list of files on a record. I still don’t quite understand how to then start the process again, so it starts a new list of uploads for a new database record.

Sorry, I think I’m showing my lack of knowledge with bubble a bit here, not come accross these issues before.

It’s ok, I had a hard time getting all the bits of functionality to work correctly too but after a lot of perseverance and some help from Levon (and API calls) I got there in the end, this % problem though would finish it off for me :slight_smile:

You can schedule an API workflow using one of those lists to then iterate through each item creating a new image in your database, like this:

I’m not too sure what you mean by “starting the process again” - I have a hidden Uploadcare element on my page which I never clicked to launch the widget. I always use the workflow action of “Open dialog windows Uploadcare A” and then select that hidden element through it, because there was some issues in some of the previous releases, but they’re fixed now anyway.

When that workflow triggers again, all the properties are reset (I assume so anyway!) when they re-run, so the Lists get re-populated. I took advantage of this if I then needed to add to an existing set of images in my database.

Oh, I see, so essentially is it storing a list of UUIDs until I run a workflow to assign them to a list in the database? So basically they would leave the popup open until the uploads are complete then hit ‘submit’ and the files would all be assigned using a workflow?

I’m really sorry, I think I’m looking at this the wrong way. I really just want the user to be able to click ‘upload files’ then once they’ve closed the uploadcare window to leave it to do it’s thing, knowing that the UUID is assigned to the right record. Maybe they can then create another record, upload other files etc. A progress bar telling them how far through the upload would be good so they don’t close the window. But I just can’t seem to get my head around how it’s all working!

To answer that first question, yes. So you trigger the Action to launch the widget, you select some files, click ADD and then it uploads the files you selected into your Uploadcare storage space only. Upon clicking the “Done” button at this stage the widget closes and nothing is put into your Bubble database.

You will be left with all the properties populated. So by that I mean a List of URL’s, List of Files, List of UUID’s etc will have stuff in them (create a bunch of text fields on your page and assign each Uploadcare property to them) then you’ll see all the values when the action of “Open dialog windows Uploadcare A” completes.

What you do with those values afterwards all depends on how you want things to work really.

The progress bar comes into play upon clicking the “Done” button (in the widget) and before the Action completes (basically while your files are still uploading) - It would be nice to have an option for the “Done” button to remain disabled until completion but I think that’s something Levon couldn’t control because it’s built into the Uploadcare widget.

Users don’t need to keep the widget open though, files will continue to upload in the background.

Just think of it as… “You have a widget, you use it to upload your files into your uploadcare account only”
When it’s done it’s thing, it populates everything you need into all those Uploadcare property values then you can manipulate the data to your needs. Same as most other plugins I think :slight_smile:

If you end up putting something together then by all means send us a link to your Editor and I’ll happily try to get some of the functionality working for you.

Oh, good call on the ‘put loads of text fields’ advice. It seems as you said before that the issue is that by the nature of what I’m doing I need to be able to let people upload multiple files, but the ‘loading’, ‘progress’ etc fields just don’t work. I’d be happy to make people wait until their files are uploaded before progressing, but without a progress bar, or the ability to see that it is loading I wont be able to control them.

@levon I think this might be a bug??

The thing I’ve noticed as well is that they will need to keep the input form open, as the workflow ‘when uploadcare files uploaded then insert uploadcare file url in the database record’ will put it in whatever record is being edited at the time, so if a new one has been created after the initial uploadcare window started it’ll be put in there. When the button to launch uploadcare is pressed it doesn’t remember what is being uploaded, rather starts a new upload which is annoying.

I think the 2 options: ‘is loading’ and ‘progress of a file upload (%)’ need fixing when selecting multiple files, that’s what you need (and me too come to think about it) but there are other ways you can handle progress messages if you’re using a repeating group to show the files once they’re added to your database, not ideal I might add but doable. Hoping Levon will say something about this soon.

So when the widget closes and some files have been uploaded, that’s it. When you launch the widget again, it gets reset so you won’t see any previously uploaded files because it’s like a new activity if you like. This is normal behaviour, put your uploaded files into the database and show them through some repeating group then you’ll be append to it each time the uploader finishes and see what you currently have.

If by “form” you mean “widget” then it doesn’t need to stay open for it to work, it will run in the background.
If you’re worried about possible duplicates then don’t, you could handle those given some thought but I’d leave that up to the user!

Try putting something together and I’ll take a look.


I think I’ve got it. I think the bug with multiple file uploads just needs fixing. If I could have a progress bar, or even just the loading status to work then I think this will work for me. It’s still not perfect, wish it assigned the url etc before the file was uploaded rather than once it’s done (then keep uploading in the background).

@levon I’m hoping this is a bug that’s easily fixed? Would make my life a lot easier if it is!

Yes, we will try to fix this % issue shortly and update here once it’s done. thanks!

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Excellent, thanks Levon

@levon Levon, can you ask the guys to make sure the Error during upload has its value reset everytime when a new upload progress is started? It’s not at the moment and there is no way to reset it (as far as I can tell) without a refresh of the page.

we have fixed the progress % and this

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This. This is why this plugin is awesome, what an awesomely speedy turnaround!! Thanks so much @levon

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Yes that’s fantastic thank Levon!!