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Zerocode Stripe Marketplace Express Plugin Issue - Service Agreement

I’m using the Stripe Marketplace Express plugin by @ZeroqodeTeam / @ZeroqodeSupport and having difficulty transferring funds to International accounts from USA.

It seems like the issue is that the plugin is sending a “Full” service agreement type in the API call, regardless of the country or parameters of what that account needs (i.e. “transfers”). Here’s Stripe’s doc on service agreements.

I confirmed that I have Stripe Express connect settings configured properly, and even the Stripe dashboard gives notice that international accounts will receive a different service agreement.

On my end I am also only requesting Transfers ability, which aligns with Stripe’s docs.

However, every time these accounts are created they come back with a “Full” service agreement and I can’t transfer to them.

Can you add a parameter selection to the plugin for manual control here, or explain what might be going wrong?

Hello, @mjrudin
Thanks for reaching out and for your suggestion.

First of all, please provide us a description of the occurred issue (with the screenshots), so we will be able to understand at which step this issue occurred.
This behavior is a bit confusing since we have not encountered this kind of situation before :pray:

Note that the US has only one available type of service agreement:

Connected accounts can be under one of the following service agreement types: full or recipient. After the connected account’s service agreement is accepted, the type of service agreement can’t be modified.

A full service agreement creates a service relationship between Stripe and the connected account holder. Connected accounts under the full service agreement can process card payments and request the card_payments capability.

As for this, please check the Custom account within our Demo Page. So, here you can change the type of the agreement. So, when you create the Custom Account - you will obtain an option for changing this parameter.

Looking to receive details from you.
Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team