Zeroqode 3D Map Extender Issue 'setOptions' of null

Hi everyone!

I am trying to get Zeroqode’s 3D Map to work. I have a map already on the page. My longitude and latitude are coming from an address field (address type). I also made sure to grab the right google map ID for the map on the page.

Getting the following error:
“Bubble’s Google Map Extender / action 3D Map a Map Extender threw the following error: Cannot read property ‘setOptions’ of null”

Below is a picture of my extender’s options:

The workflow that triggers this is the 3D Map MapExtender A, when a ‘more info’ button is pressed - then showing the map.

Is it something to do with my API key? I have the gambit of APIs enables for the app.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello @corey.dorsa

Let us check the issue and offer an update on the matter asap.
It’ll take some time here, so please bear with us.

ZQ Team.

Hi, @corey.dorsa.

Please upgrade to the latest version of plugin and give another try.
Seems like the plugin actions are initialized before the map was loaded, so could recommend adding a pause with a couple of seconds before initializing the plugin.
This plugin does not use any API keys, it’s an extended version of Bubble Map.

Zeroqode Team.