Zeroqode PDF Converter Plugin Bugs


I do have some questions or possibly issues concerning the convert to PDF plugin.

I began using it today and was having some trouble, so I decided to test things out focusing only on the width and height.

My tests were all focused on outputting to an A4 paper size with width of 960 and height 1080 for a Portrait and 1080 by 960 for a Landscape.

What I found was that creating a PDF by using a single element ( a group with nested groups ) of the same dimensions returned poor results.

The first test showed that a Portrait with width of 960 and height 1080 for a group of the same dimensions had squeezed together the width and did not fill the entirety of the page for the height.

Here is the screen display

Here is the PDF view

You can see that the widths of all groups inside the blue container group become narrower.

Here is a view of the PDF bottom with a height of 1080

The blue container group with a height of 1080 does not fill the entire page, which my belief was supposed to be 1080.

As I kept testing I found that the container group needed to have a width of 792 and a height of 1122 to be able to fill the page of the PDF output ( PDF output settings stayed at 960 by 1080 ) in order to fill the page completely and avoid any narrowing of the element widths.

Here is the PDF settings

Here is the output when the container group element has a width of 792 and height of 1122



I then tested in Landscape. I set my container group to have a width of 1080 and a height of 960.

Here is the PDF setup

Here are the results

The width of the page is not filled completely and the height stretches onto a second page.

When I created a container group with a width of 1122 and a height of 793 the results were a full page with no distortion (as far as I could see)

I tested the distortion using a text element which I set to have a width of 1122.

Here it is on screen

And here it is on the PDF

It looks to me like there is no distortion when the width is set to 1122 while the PDF width is set to 1080.

My assumption when using the PDF to print a single element as I was doing in these tests, or even printing an entire page, is that if the single element or the page are set to have the same dimensions as the PDF output, that the PDF page should be filled completely and have no distortion.

Is this a bug then that the dimensions are not equal and that using the dimensions for the PDF output on the single element or page to be printed produces distortion and a non-filled page?

Another issue I am having with the PDF is that a ‘dashed’ border does not print out as dashed and instead is solid

Here is the on page display of dashed border

Here is the PDF output

And finally another issue I am having with the PDF is concerning an image.

It is not happening with every image and I have not done any testing on this to try and figure it out but perhaps you could shed some light onto it.

I have a image uploaded to AWS I am using as URL of as the data source

My assumption on this is that it is due to the fact that the image element is a SVG and for some reason when outputting a PDF the SVG original size is used and not the image element as set in the bubble editor.

Are these issues bugs?



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Hello, @boston85719.

Let us please check your request :pray:
We will provide you with insights as soon as the investigation of your issue will be done.

Thank you for understanding.
Zeroqode Team

@boston85719, thank you for your patience :pray:

I’ve reproduced your issue and done some element customizations, to make it be printed without size squeezing (after converting into the PDF file).

For printing elements with the certain size - I’d like to recommend you to use Custom format, instead of a4 and remove the “Break content into pages” checkbox (if you’re converting a single page):

It will be better to add 15/30 px to the Convert to PDF ConverttoPDF A action, source/target parameters to resolve this issue.

Unfortunately, the Page to PDF plugin is not ideal for per pixel element/page customizations and it will be needed to play around with the source/target parameters to make the converted element look good within the PDF page.

Thank you for understanding :pray:

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