Zeroqode Recorder/Player plugins aren't functioning. Labelled "Private" and "Testing""

Hey @levon,

One of my clients noticed that your two audio plugins stopped working. I checked the Plugins list and saw this:

When a plugin is labelled Private or Testing, is it automatically disabled from live apps? Or are these plugins outdated and my client should upgrade to the newest Audio Recorder?

Not trying to rush you but my client has a meeting in a few hours. It would be important if we resolved the problem before then.


Hi Daniel,
this looks like a major Bubble bug, you shouldn’t have access to these plugins, can you please reach out to [email protected]?

@Bubble can you please treat this as a bug?

@dbevan please submit a bug report and our team will review

@levon we do not see this behavior for other plugins

Confirmed. I have also 3 privates audio plugin.

@neerja but it doesn’t mean that something is wrong from our side. These plugins are private and they should not be visible to everyone. Appreciate your assistance, thanks!

@levon We were clarifying the scope of the issue and not implying there is something wrong on your side. We are investigating the issue.

Thanks @neerja misunderstood you :pray:

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Thanks guys!

@neerja I’ve sent the bug report.

@levon Are the plugins that I mentioned discontinued?

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Hey Daniel,
they are not discontinued and actively listed on the marketplace, not sure why this is happening and hopeful that Bubble will fix this shortly

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