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I purchased your Tweedly (lmao) template and was wondering how do I stop comments from auto-updating inside the ‘tweets’ repeating group? I also purchased your Location-Based Reviews template, in which I don’t have the same issues.

I’ve changed the parent, tweets element, to get its data from a list: make static, which prevents new tweets from being shown, however, comments still auto-update in real time, and it’s pretty resource heavy.

So yeah I have no clue how to do the same for the ‘comments’ repeating group. I suspect that this is the one of the reasons why my mobile app likes to overheat.

Hi @Perfect, thanks for your message and sorry for the delayed reply (due to the weekend).

A solution in your case would be to limit the number of elements shown into comments repeating group (for example load until 5) and add a button “See more”, which through workflow will add 5 more messages.

See the screenshots below for guidance:

  1. Set a state for your repeating group (in default value you can already insert a value, 5 for example).

  2. Setup a workflow for the “See more” button, to load more comments.

Hope it helps. Please let us know if it worked or any other template-related help is required.

Take care :wink:

Zeroqode Support Team