Ziggeo plug in [original] problem

Hi there to all video folks!

I’m using Ziggeo plug in built by the Bubble team. And facing quite some issues

  1. Can’t record a video on Safari as it shows Adobe Flash error message

  2. On Chrome, the record button is not always working, less than 50% chance the button isn’t reacting at all.

The Ziggeo Support team says that the original plug-in is using V1. and currently they have V2.

Any plan to upgrade the plugin?

Or should I purchase one of the paid versions? Do you recommend @cneat083 @bubblify?

Hi @ohyoonkwn,

This is a typical use case for the Advanced Ziggeo Plugin, which is always compatible with Ziggeo’s latest stable API version (V2-r35 at this moment) so you can use the latest techniques like webrtc and lots of other features Ziggeo has implemented. It comes with many parameter options to enable/disable and configure your player and recorder elements easily.

Give it a try and let us know if you need help via a DM!

Good luck!

PS: Our one-time price offer expires on December 1st, just so you know…