Ziggeo - Prevent users from "saving" until video is processed

Ziggeo + Bubble is awesome!
I’d like to prevent users from “saving” their recorded videos until the video has finished processing. There’s no obvious way to detect this.

Why? Saving the video before it’s processed seems to not save the video’s id and causes missing data.

Any ideas?

Hi Alejandro,

Seems you are posting for the first time to Bubble community so I wanted to say that I am sure you will like it. I work at Ziggeo however we see many wonderful people helping out here on Bubble for various things.

Now when it comes to how you got Ziggeo into your app there are 4 different ways:

  1. Using one of the 3 plugins already available
  2. Implementing the codes on your own.

Do you know which one you are using?

In general all of our recorders would allow you to get video token during uploading phase, however we suggest using verified event which happens right before processing and tells you that the video can be used.


  1. Bubble core team plugin: https://bubble.io/reference#Plugins.ziggeo
    (now in Alphabetical order):
  2. Advanced Ziggeo Plugin: https://bubble.is/plugin/advanced-ziggeo-plugin-1511882017897x600944310817652700
  3. Comprehensive Ziggeo Plugin: https://bubble.io/plugin/comprehensive-ziggeo-plugin-1565718135394x426107542360031200


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