Ziggeo - testing version?

Is there a way I can test out Ziggeo to see if it meets my needs? It seems like I need to buy it first which seems a bit aggressive. I’d be happy to pay for it if I can get it to do what I want it to.

I think Ziggeo continues to offer a free trial. You can get that, if they offer it, and use the free Bubble plugin:

Hope this helps :+1:

Thanks! The UX of it is pretty poor,. One’s only option is to “Buy $69” - who knows what happens when that button is pressed!

Hi there @scottmaloff

I always like to start with the fact that I work at Ziggeo. Now with that said best to start describing what happens :slight_smile:

We found out that many of our customers had made the implementation before the 30 days free trial ended so they forgot to update. Often they were just about to or had released their service with Ziggeo and the 30 days kicked in. What this meant was that our API no longer was available.

To avoid such scenarios and make it easier for everyone, we now ask for you to subscribe to a plan first. As you do, you are being placed on the 30 days free trial, after which you are charged.

This way if for some reason you were to decide not to use Ziggeo you can do that before these 30 days expire at any time and no charge would be made.

Before you would also have access to all of the features, however we made it easier for you to know what you actually have available through you picking the plan you are interested in.

Once you do that, there are few ways to test Ziggeo with Bubble. There is the built in support (created by awesome Bubble team) as mentioned by @cmarchan and then there are additional plugins. The first one is free, however while others are paid for, they offer you more settings.

You can see their names here: https://ziggeo.com/integrations/bubble/ and from what I heard there is another one that might be offered soon as well.

Hope this helps you :slight_smile:

PS: Feel free to reach out to our support team if you need any details about implementation. We can often tell you based on some general info if something is possible and what our suggestions are.

Hi Bane at Ziggeo - another question if you don’t mind? Can I use this to record and playback within the brower using my bubble app? This is crucial to what I’m trying to do - thanks for your help!

Always happy to answer any questions if I can help Scott :slight_smile:

Ziggeo is a set of APIs for recording, processing and playback of the video. Our JS SDK (used by Bubble plugins) provides you with media recorder and player (includes screen and multi recording) . This SDK works in browsers and makes it very easy for you to record your camera within a browser. Likewise to play one or more videos.

We also have SDKs for mobile apps, however I think by Bubble App that you are referring to just the website aspect at this time so this is what I will be talking about as well.

So with any of the above mentioned plugins you should be able to add playback and recording to your Bubble app. As our embeddings are responsive, they will work nicely for people that open your app within the desktop or mobile devices.

Depending on the plugin you select you would have different options available, however generally it is very simple to set up.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: