Zoho CRM to Bubble.io API connection

I’m wondering if anyone has had success with setting up a Zoho CRM to Bubble API connection through the Bubble API connector plugin?

We are trying to create a customer front end website through Bubble with back end data feeding in from Zoho CRM. The customers do not have Zoho logins or credentials. Their username info is handled entirely on the Bubble side.

We have successfully initialized both a Zoho CRM self client and server based application API using the API Connector plugin. However, with the self client we can’t set a redirect uri and we aren’t able to use a JSON body to pass in variables (important for being able to automatically refresh the Zoho token which expires hourly, and for other backend workflows).

With the server based application API though, every time the API is called, the Zoho connection needs to be accepted. We don’t want our customers to see this external screen, and since our clients don’t have Zoho logins I don’t think this would even be a functional option.
Screenshot 2022-11-16 145429

I’m wondering if anyone has gotten around similar issues or has any ideas. Our team is very new to APIs and we are open to alternatives! Please let me know if we’re missing something.

@mark30 Did you ever figure this out?