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Zoom Marketplace App - Architecture Diagram

Instabook is a class scheduling app built on Bubble. To add streaming links to classes, our clients currently have to create classes with us and in Zoom, then manually connect the two using the links for each. It worked as a bridge solution, but we need to automate the process. To do this, Zoom said we’d need to have a marketplace app approved. We’ve jumped through a LOT of hoops to get our functionality testing approved, but now we’re onto the Technical Design Document.

In it, Zoom requires an Architecture Diagram. I have no idea how to create this and would appreciate a little help from anyone who’s ever successfully completed this step with Zoom before.

Can anyone help here? Happy to pay for coaching/consulting on this as this is one area where our application has consistently lagged behind every traditional-stack competitor we have, so addressing this is critical for us and it sits well outside my skill set.


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What Zoom are probably trying to understand is how you connect or propose to connect to Zoom (API), what data you request and pass, ie the sequence of API calls you are making to their API, checking how you will authenticate.

They will be interested in verifying that your Bubble app is robust and data is secure. They will want to know where you store their API keys and any credentials. They will want to know that their customer data is secure. (stuff straight off the Bubble website)

Secure in the sense that if your Bubble app was breached, what exposure do their Zoom customers have for data loss, and what exposure does Zoom have for you losing your API keys.

They will generally be worried about the damage to their reputation due to vulnerabilities in your App.

I’ve not done it with Zoom but these are the normal objections to overcome with Enterprise Customers.

There are no “standard” architectural format docs - just boxes with lines is the norm. I’ve created some I can share - PM me - just diagrams I’ve invented to illustrate Bubble architecture. I’d be interested to speak/collaborate with anyone who has done some thinking in the area.