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ZQ Fuzzy Search & Autocomplete crashes

The ZQ Fuzzy Search & Autocomplete plugin crashes when the data source is set to a table with around 15k records. And it crashes no instantly, but after 40-50 seconds, always.

I arrived at that point, because a page with a RG was freezing after seconds, I didn’t know why so guessing it might be something related to this table with a lot of records, started deleting different elements related to the RG and the searches, so deleting the Search & Autocomplete object from the page remove the freezing problem, going deeper changing the details on the Search & Autocomplete object, if I change the data source pointing to another table, no freezing neither.
I tested the same in a different page, creating a new Search &Autocomplete object and pointing to the same table, freezing again, always after 40-50 seconds.

So… I guess that there is some problem when this plugin is set to a data source with lot of records.
I’m surprised and it is hard to believe, because I would guess many people has a lot bigger tables working with this plugin.

Anybody knows something about this freezing problem with this plugin?