ZQ Fuzzy Search - Data being repeated

Hi all,

Hoping for help in understanding why Fuzzy is returning repeating data when our users search.

Currently we have a repeating group that has a Data Source of Machines and in each RG cell is a drop area - within that Drop Area is another RG that houses the Jobs that belong to each of the machines.

Users only see Jobs assigned to each specific Machine using a data source of: Do A Search for Jobs who’s Current Machine = Parent Groups Machine.

The fuzzy search is setup to look for the jobs - however instead of following the “Do A Search for” constraints above - it repeats values in each cell and ignores the constraints - the searched job shows on all machines.

Screen shot Machine 3 (Before Search - 3 different jobs on 3 different machines)

Screenshot (After search)

In the after - job AGN appears on ALL machines instead of just Machine 3.

Any ideas??