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πŸ“ ZQ Rich Text Editor 2.0 - New Plugin From Zeroqode

Hi @j.hennersdorf, apologies for the delayed news.

We have pushed a plugin update, that has fixed the issue with emoji loading.
To check changes, please upgrade your plugin to the latest version (Version 1.104.0: emoji display fix) and give it a try.

Regretfully, due to used library limitations, this feature can’t be implemented.

If there will be anything else that we can help with about our plugin, please let us know.

Zeroqode Support Team

Thank you for the editing. We can already work with the limitation :slight_smile:

Another bug is(sorry for reporting so much :sweat_smile:) when I paste a link with copy&paste the plugin only recognizes the first part of the link as a link.

Paste πŸ“ ZQ Rich Text Editor 2.0 - New Plugin From Zeroqode - #101 by ZeroqodeSupport by Copy&Paste
But the plugin only recognizes the link up to the place β€œ” the rest is not recognized correctly.


Hi @j.hennersdorf, thanks for reporting this issue.
We’ve passed it to the developer team for investigation. Once there will be any news available, we will let you know asap :pray:

Thank you for understanding.

Zeroqode Support Team

Hi @j.hennersdorf , thanks for your patience.

Regretfully, investigation has shown that here we are limited by the used library capacities. Link within the text should be introduced through the β€œinsert link” feature.
Related link: Cloning Medium with Parchment - Quill

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can help with about our plugin.

Zeroqode Support Team