$100 Website Revisions - NEED DEVELOPER ASAP

Hi, I am currently too busy handling other projects to finish website revisions for a client of mine and am looking to hire someone to finish the revisions.

The revisions are included in the Google Doc below

The website is https://thefilmclub.bubbleapps.io

Client is paying for this job through Upwork and you will be paid via PayPal with the Upwork funds after he releases the final milestone for the project. Here is proof the project has been funded (in case your concerned).

Please call me or message me on WhatsApp if interested

– my number is +12532194010 (Evan Little)

If you can knock out these revisions I will definitely have more work for you.

I’m currently looking to hire freelancers at hourly rate of $20 per hour for more Bubble projects and would like to build a relationship with several freelancers I can hire on a consistent basis.



$100 to understand the app, the DB, and fix over 20/30 bugs.

Good luck in your search…


most of these bugs are small fixes…taking maybe 5 - 10 minutes max.

The database is also simple, there is no complex hierarchy of objects.

would you handle this for $180? - all of the remaining funds for the client…

You really can’t hire a good bubble developer at that price, all you are going to get is scammed at that price. Just FYI.

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Ok, I appreciate your honest feedback here. unfortunately, I landed myself in a stiff position where I took on a job at a very low rate as one of my first jobs and now I have a few more better paying contracts and no time to finish this one.

Really, what do you think is a fair rate for someone, on the cheaper end, maybe they live somewhere lower cost of living?

I have experience developing with Bubble myself for 2 years now so I would be able to tell during a meeting if the person doesn’t know what they’re talking about. But of course, I have yet to hire anyone else to do the work and appreciate this feedback from the community regarding it

That is not the fault of your client. You accepted the first job, finish it.

An $80 difference? Oh my… You gave your client an extremely, extremely good deal, but now you’ll learn how to price your work better. It happens to all of us.

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What do you think is a fair rate moving forward?

and yes, it’s my fault for taking on the job at the agreed price

We all start somewhere. I can understand that. If someone is charging less than at least $50 I would be skeptical. A good bubbler should be charging $100/hr. That’s probably why you got that job. Unfortunately you may need to bite the bullet and just finish it yourself. We all have been there. :slight_smile: Don’t give up. You will figure it out.

I definitely won’t give up and thanks for the words of encouragement. I’m curious how did you find the right clients to be charging $100/hr? I’ve mostly been using freelancing sites to find work and I think it might a good option to move off of these sites but not sure where the best places to find work would be elsewhere

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I totally agree. In the past I was in need to hire a plugin dev. Got a lot of people that tell me they wan’T to do it, with 100 hours at 15/20$! for the same thing that a really good Dev will do in 10 hours. You can see a warning when they tell you : this will take 100 hours and will be done in 1 week ?! I prefer to hire someone that will charge me 100, I see often they help other in forum here or have created some solutions already. On a fast count, I see 30 bugs in your list. 30*10min each (if this really take 10 min) is 300 minutes, mean 5 hours. And this is without getting an insight on the actual setting, know where to find each bug… Test time…

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Do yourself the low paying job and hire a good Bubble developer for the same rate of the good paying job.

You finish your projects and save face with all your clients. Lateral thinking. Problem gone.


Your right, it’s really the only option here since my reputation is on the line. We are behind schedule with the revisions but like you said I did give my client a really good deal, we never discussed formally the revision process and if it would be paid or all inclusive in the contract (more mistakes on an early job that I was eager to get) and he’s been happy and understanding even after we went over the time limit. I’ve been communicating with him.

Sage advice guys


Market yourself. You are your own best salesperson. Otherwise team up with someone who is a good salesperson to get you the work. Especially if you are more of a developer and less of a people person type personality. Try bidding per project instead of per hour. More likely to get work if they know you are agreeing to complete the project within that price. Over time you will have some templates of your own to pull from like a “tool box” and be able to do things faster.

Most scammers will work per hour because they will try to hold your project for ransom or milk it for as much as they can for not even providing a completed project.

Sign up as an agency on bubble and you could potentially bid for requests for proposals.

Make sure your own website shows off your skills well. Have a few good completed projects on their own domain to show your work. Make sure everything works well. Make them responsive since most web traffic is on mobile now.

Just a few ideas :bulb:. Hope that’s helpful.


I agree with the others. I took a look at that list and it is way too long for that budget. Glad you have work, but you should prioritize your first project instead of the hire paying one. Reputation matters as you grow.

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I recommend that you have two tiered pricing. One rate for bulk work i.e entire application and a higher rate for adhoc work. One this encourages a longer term relationship and for adhoc work accounts for things that you may have overseen.

I find clients think their concept is far simpler to develop than it actual is. I yet to come across a client who has a full understanding of all the details. You need to educate with your offering and manage client expectations.

It is also worth you understanding your own development process, time yourself on making a specification plan through to development, testing and debugging. Then add a contingency, as you would know, something that may be a simple 10 minute fix, ends up being a few hours.

@J805 suggestions, is around the rates that most charge.