2 Part Sign Up Help

Hi! So I am making a social network, and for the sign-up process I want there to be two parts. I want the first part to be username, password, email, then when those are filled out, they can hit “next” and it will go to a place to set up your profile pic, bio, link, and full name. I am using a reusable element for this, but can anyone help me? Thanks!

Hey there @nickkessel22 :wave:

Which part do you need help with? I am happy to try to see if I can help in between sessions. :blush:

Hi! I am trying to get help with splitting the signup process into two parts so the ui/ux is cleaner. like you enter your email and password, hit next, and then can set your bio and stuff. I hope this makes sense, i just don’t know how to do that without using multiple pages.

Oh ok. I think I know what you mean. You can do that a few ways. Try learning about set states. It’s super helpful with that sort of workflow.

Try this: Set States FREE Video Tutorial 🎉

Hope that helps! :blush:

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Thanks! I will check this out when I have time.

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No problem. :blush: I hope that helps. If it’s too complicated, you can start off with a basic ‘show and hide’ for different elements as well. Just put them all in a group and show or hide the whole group. :+1: