2+ Repeating Groups on Single Page (ext. vertical scroll) disables scrolling

I’ve noticed that placing two or more long repeating groups next to each other on the same page (both set on ext. vertical scroll), disables page scrolling at the end of the shortest repeating group. Attempting a workaround, I set one repeating group to “ext. vertical scrolling” and the other to “full-list”, but page scrolling is still disabled (you can only drag the height of the page down…it works, but you are limited to the size of your screen).

I’d like to have two repeating groups scale responsively as the page height changes (ex. Microsoft Outlook w/ repeating group of emails and repeating group of messages). Any ideas?

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Hey @supernaturally :slight_smile: I just tried to re-create this setup with two RGs side-by-side, but the scrolling didn’t become disabled for some reason. Can you share a link to the app? Another thought is do you have any elements underneath the repeating groups which may be interfering?

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Hi @fayewatson - It doesn’t appear to have elements underneath the repeating group that are affecting things. I have recreated an example here:



The repeating group on the left is limited by the length of the repeating group on right (you’ll see that the repeating group on the right is limited to item #4, which you can modify to your liking). There is a simple button and input on this test page to add elements to the database (i.e. increase the length of the repeating groups).

This was tricky! I randomly noticed that “Group Left Panel” is actually a floating group (set to float to top), which contains the repeating group. If you need the input/button to float, I would place that in its own floating group outside the RG. Then place a regular container around the the RG to have it extend on scroll - that should work! :slight_smile:


That did the trick! In order to have the button group work as a floating group, I had to move the group to the Top Level. Great catch @fayewatson!

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