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2 Requested Debug_mode Improvements - 1) Add option to display all hidden values and 2) add option to display or select hidden objects

  1. I’d find it very useful if Bubble’s debugging tool gave me an option to view all of the hidden values on the page within a single location. Would save me time/trouble of tracing workflows/actions through several steps to get the current value. I get that I can create an admin panel for this on every page (and have done so for most of them) but it’d be nice if the debug_mode took care of this automatically so that I don’t need to manually create it (and maintain it) on every page. Perhaps set this up with a single on/off toggle.

  2. It’d also be really helpful if there were a way to display hidden elements on the page. Some of my elements are displayed based on time or values in our database so when they don’t become visible as expected there’s no way for me to select the element to trace the error. It’d be great if there were a solution for this, such as a toggle to make them visible so that I can select them and see which parts of the condition are not met.

Would these be useful to anyone else?

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We added the way to select hidden elements with a dropdown.


Awesome! Thanks.

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