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404 page show up when user is logging out


I have set up a simple workflow where the user is logged out when he clics on a button :
(NB: the button text shows “Connexion” in this image but it displays “Log out” conditionally)

But it redirects the user to the 404 page upon clicking, and I can’t find a way to redirect the user to the homepage (for instance). When I add a “navigation to homepage” step in the workflow (before or after the “log out” action, it is not taken into account.

I must be missing something obvious here :confused:
Any help appreciated !


Check for redirecting flows in the header perhaps or in any reusable element present on the page

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I have I redirecting flow that is not subject to a clic, but I can’t see how it interferes with the prviours workflow because it should only apply when the user is logged in :

Add another flow to go to page index when user is logged out

Thank you, that works !
However that also make the 404 page useless for “not logged in users”, so I’m wondering : what is the default behaviour in Bubble upon the “Log out user” action ?
Are users normally redirected to 404 or is it just really a conflict problem with the other workflow ?

Explore via Google how 404 works in websites and apps :+1:t2:

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My question’s answer can’t be found on Google, because I’m asking what is the default behaviour in Bubble specifically

A 404 page is also known as an “error page” or “Page Not Found” page. This page indicates that the user reached the domain they requested, but the URL path provided no information.

You shouldn’t direct users to 404 upon logout. Bubble follows the same behavior as other websites out there.

If you’re trying to direct a user to a page that doesn’t exist, it’ll go to 404.


OK thank you for you help (both of you). It helped find that at some place I indeed redirected users to 404 page, which I understand is a a bad pratice, so I’ll correct that.
Thank you again !