500Internal Server Error with OpenAI

Guys, I’m getting 500Error while running recursive API workflow with OpenAI. Error is on OpenAIs end.

I’ve reached out to them asking for help. Not sure what this may be specifically.

I was wondering if they can’t help but the problem is due to high number of requests, what will be the best way to split requests even further? Adding a second or two before rescheduling a BW or splitting actions into smaller chunks?

Right now users can upload CSV file with thousands of rows and generate custom emails using OpenAI. Recursive workflow runs on each item in a row and reschedules itself.

Any advice will be much appreciated :pray:

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Look like you are hitting rate limit too frequent. Ask openAi to increase the rate limit or use multiple open ai account keys.

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hmm, got it! Thanks Ankur! :v:

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