525 error on cloudflare for root domain but not for subdmains

Hello guys,

I was using a subdmain “app.domain.com” until yesterday using cloudflare. It was working fine.

I changed it for my root domain, ie. “domain.com”. I thus changed my DNS records in Cloudflare, but I’m getting a 525 error now. I saw that using “SSL Flexible” could fix the bug, but it does not.

What’s weird is that when I use the subdomain “www.domain.com”, everything works like a charm (with “@” and “www” A records, pointing to Bubble). Only the root domain gives me the 525 error.

I have written the exact DNS records in Cloudflare, and I have checked if they were propagated. They are.

My guess is that Bubble provides my root domain with an SSL certificate that isn’t compatible with Cloudflare for my root domain. But I’m not sure.

Anyways, do you guys have a clue? I’d like to use my root domain, not my “www” subdomain.


Hey @reallyreallywant.app,

In Cloudflare, are you using proxy? You can tell by the orange cloud, if so turn it off. That should fix it I think.

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Hey @johnny !

Nop, I have disabled proxy. I have setup multiple bubble apps before on root domains already. Only this one is “bugged”

Hmm, maybe submit a bug report for this one?


I have, but no replies yet

edit: problem solved. There was a SSL certificate issue with my root domain.

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