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A app which which lists google cloud storage files

I’m learning platform and need help understanding how to make it work with google apis.
I want to write a simple app which:

  1. connects to my google cloud storage
  2. lists all of the files from a specified bucket in a table
  3. let’s me select a file
  4. let’s press a button which triggers a workflow associated with the selected file (its uri)
  • the workflow is to pass the URI of the file to another google api, something I want to try and build myself, but might need your help again.

Hi @alex.martsenyuk

How far have you got in the process?

Looking at the API docs:

… it seems reasonably straightforward.

.You need to install the Bubble API Connector and then create your API calls in there. You can then use these calls in your workflow. A good tip is to start by getting your API calls working in before adding them in Bubble.

Essentially you want to:

  • Create a repeating group with a data source that is a GET call for a Google Cloud Bucket.
  • Show the file name in the repeating group.
  • Have that text element trigger a workflow that passes the URI in a call to another API call.

Try get as far as you can, if you get an error, or get stuck, come back on here with a link to your app and some screenshots and someone will surely help.

Good luck!

Hi Andrew,
I think my problem is mainly with trying to figure out Oath to google cloud services. I run into same problems on postman. Do you think you can help explain?