A clickable version of multi-dropdown

Hey all just wondering if anyone knows a solution to have an element with tags much like the multi dropdown but where I can click on the tag to enact a workflow

Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 3.52.38 pm

preferably without coding

You will need to build a custom dropdown. There are a few videos on YouTube that describe how to go about it.

Thanks for the reply…
Yeah so that’s not exactly what I meant… I actually don’t want a dropdown or even an input… I want tags inside a box like what’s in the picture, however it will have to be an element as I want to be able to click the tags To initiate a workflow, I’m my case it will launch a URL

Well a custom dropdown can be any shape. It can look like a box with an RG that fills horizontally and then vertically and the cells could be groups or buttons that are clickable. There is no bubble element that will do what you want. I’m not sure if there is a way with code to detect a click on a tag in the bubble multi-select but there is no way to do that in vanilla bubble.

@chad could the tags be the same width or do you want them sized by the length of the word? If they can be the same width then it is possible to use a 1 row and 1 column RG with the cell just factionally bigger than the text/input element outside that make you box/group just factionally bigger again. Then in the Properties Editor for the RG untick for fixed width and tick allow multiple columns when stretched.

If that won’t do what you need then this thread appears to have received quite a bit of thought and Gaby refers to a video she has posted on the topic. Best way to offer inline editing for a User?

And this thread shows you how to make them look like tags with code. I know you did not want that but I’m linking just in case you have to resort to it Tip: Converting simple list output to tag-like element

Great reply thankyou very much

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