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A fair and honest chat about Performance

As I said, I recommend building ideas and if you see traction then build it outside bubble.
Yes, I’m still using bubble to build non-complex apps and ideas to validate or reject.

Please note, back in the day we didn’t have plugins that can provide some performance improvements like algolia etc…

There are some apps that can work on bubble and some that can’t. It seems to me that the performance issues all arise from Data Calls, if you are using private data that has privacy set they will load fast, so building a closed SAAS platform for management of a business can have much better performance than building a social media type app whereby you want users to access a feed that has million+ data in it. That will load slow.


I purposefully created a new account to write this post as I’m trying to remain in “incognito mode” as I prefer privacy. Anyhow, once your app gets traction you’ll ask these questions yourself, hopefully you’ll be able to make a decision that’s right for your business. Because at the end of the day, we are building businesses here, not just apps…

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Totally agreed, I still have apps on bubble that don’t receive this kind of traffic and it’s fun to build and add new features in a snap with bubble.

But now imagine that one day to next you have 10k new users/day signing up, you’d be happy at first but what do you do next? This is what happened to me.

It might be that you didn’t use the best building practices and you will be so slow all these new users won’t be able to use your app at all.

All I’m trying to say is that it’s important to not only build your app, but once you see that it’s a viable business, you need to think about what’s next.

I can see much improvements of bubble since my post was made but there are still operations that are hard to scale when your app goes viral.


Curios if you tried implementing Algolia search with bubble before moving on?

If so, how much had it helped?

Hey @doublejay :wave:

I have used Algolia with some clients. It works great and is very easy to setup within Bubble.

I don’t feel it is for data that should be secure though. I believe the only way to set it up is to expose all of your data in privacy settings. Good for a public facing store maybe.

It also gets expensive after a while.

We used it for a while till it got expensive then we switched over to TypeSense which allows us to control the privacy settings and also is A LOT cheaper.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Cool! Will keep this in mind for future reference. Thanks

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I have my concern about Performance too. But my friend.

You need to see it from a Bigger Picture. Not JUST THE APP itself.

  • How fast u can develop a viable MVP or even a small/medium Scale Apps.
  • I am a veteran business developer ( not coder )
    • so I have bigger perspective when talking about App Dev as a Business
    • Sometime the biggest problem was, we invested to much on a Unproven Idea.
    • for me, become the best “Performance” Tools , for following reason :
      • Lowest Cost ( Time, Money, HR Spent )
      • Fastest Development ( User friendliness, + a helpful community )
      • Still Scalable MVP

Honestly, once your idea works, you have lesser worry to getting the right tools/team to even re-establish a new foundation.

  • My Last Advice. People who think their plan will not failed. Failed most.
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But, @vlad, is it not true that if you reduce the returning records significantly before the advanced filter, that the performance will be negligible? For example, if there are 10,000 rows in the Thing, and your main query or privacy rule returns 3 rows, and then the advanced filter is added, that it will only work on the 3 rows? Or am I just being hopeful how Bubble uses this feature?