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Slow Response from Bubble

Is anyone else experiencing this

Yep, UK slow

South Africa also slow :cry:

Czech Republic quite slow sometimes…

The Netherlands also slow. Also, my image uploading doesn’t work properly. I got a broken image icon and the image won’t show. When I’m visiting my image URL on the Amazon server it say it doesn’t exists.

Slow here as well. Aslo saving is unstable, sometimes edits don’t get saved etc.

@gf_wolfer I aint crazy afterall.

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I think it’s high time bubble listens to our cries and do something to resolve this. Also my edits not saving. I’ve beeen having these issues for the past 6 months.

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Particularly bad today…I’m in the Middle East (Qatar).

Same in France !

Good to know not to be the only one… editor is not Saving sometimes (icon saving… lagging forever) and needs a restart of the app editor or entire borwser… but problem repeat after a while grrrrrrr

Traffic reported as 34%, above normal and Europe is showing red. Don’t know if this relates to the fibre damaged by the Cyclone off India the other day, or something else.


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Maybe, but the type of issues I face appear to be server side. I interrogate data both from bubble tables and also data stored on local servers (south africa) via a bubble database connector. A lot of the times I find that a query returns data much faster from the server (south africa) database server than it does for queries pointing to bubble tables. On my web page therefore different sections render data at different speeds depending on where the query is pointing to.

Same experience in Sweden.

Now experiencing layout issues, completely out of whack. Page elements all muddled :neutral_face:

I’m sure the team are dealing with it.

I thought it’s only me. My average page load time has went up from 2 to around 8…:thinking:

same here, slow response and saving issues while editing, any news about this, hope’s temporary?

I stopped working in it last night as I was getting the red “Saving” issue. Unable to make any editing progress on my side, haven’t tried yet today (I’m at my real job)

been fine today!

yeah weird, in my case I didn’t have any problems at all yesterday (when I first read this post) but now the app is super slow for me and having the saving issue too.

good to know it got better for you Dave!