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A few business setup questions

I am building a SaaS solution for property management. I have a few questions that I need some short answers to ( basically “yes it’s possible and this is where you can do it”)

  1. How can I setup a regular user and admin user? The regular user has basic view and the admin has full access to all features.

  2. I want to build a second vertical from the same foundation. Lets say my initial offering is for Vacation Rentals and the other is for Student Housing. The look or foundation is roughly the same, but the data and functionality is slightly different and caters to each property managers needs. Do I need to create another app or can I setup another database? Also, does creating another database combine with my other workflow limit?

  3. How can I create a file upload mapping tool? Lets say that a customer wants to upload their customer data from an excel spreadsheet to my software. Do I have to do it for them, or can I create a way to have them do it themselves- mapping their data with my columns that I require.

  4. Getting around user cheaters. Some property management software puts a limit on the amount of users a company can have on a set plan. Some people share user accounts and get around paying for more user access. How can I prevent that from happening?

My opinion for

  1. You simply use a variable (admin or regular user) to identify access in your database (user).
    Also, you can set data role as (see picture).
  2. If the core is the same, I suggest to keep the same database, but base on Vacation Rentals or Student Housing user.
  3. If you find the way, tell me :slight_smile: For now, we have to do it for the user. Eventually, with Drag and Drop, things can be made.
  4. We are paying by WorkFlow, it’s a Win Win situation, more users, more workflow, more money to upgrade for a better plan (hope you have a business model :slight_smile:.

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